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Thread: hop ups

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    hop ups

    does any one know a better hop up company than integy for the e revo?
    i just bought one and i want to hop it up with all aluminium parts.

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    There are countless brands sells upgrades- pointless listing them again so just check out the list at the top of this page ( most companies selling stuff for one traxxas vehicle will sell stuff for the others too & other brands ):


    That covers just about every major & most minor brands/ retailers out there..
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    good luck with your alu hop up project ,,,,
    If its for pure looks its understandable but look a bit around this forum and ask about the durabillity of mixing alu and stock traxxas parts.....and ask others about especially skid plates in alu....I get the feeling that they bend and tear very easily when bottom out and hits occur.....I dont use alu parts my I have no experience , just stumbled across so many various statements so asking / reading stuff might be a good idea...
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