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    Camera Mount Design (pics & videos)

    So here are some pics of my current mount prototype. I built this at the start of summer before my last surgery. I've only tested it once in its current stage, and still needs some work; for it bounces more than I'd like.

    The camera I'm using is the Contour HD helmet cam. I use it for dirt biking as well.

    This design uses that Traxxas wing mount as a back bone and bolts directly on to where a wing would be mounted normally. However, the wing mount was designed to flex, and flex isn't good for a stable picture, so I put an aluminum brace to hold the mount stiff. The wood block allows additional height so that the camera's line of sight clears the body. To protect the camera itself, I bent a aluminum sheet that bolts on with the rest of the mount. As it is, the guard only protects the camera from a roll over, and can be dislodged flipping or rolling backwards. I intend to fix this in the coming weeks when I am able. Things move slowly when you have bad hips.

    this last one is what the camera sees when it's mounted.

    It's a very rough design, but as I said, it's a prototype.


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