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    Bent cv (sad face)

    Bashing damage: 1 bent cv shaft @ the right front. Can still be driven, but vibration is not a good thing in the drivetrain IMO. Also popped front bulkhead/body mount out of place, but no biggie.
    My question is: Has anyone ever bent a Traxxas cv shaft and bent it back to successfully use it again? I don't really want to buy another set. Wondered if they can be heat-treated also. Thoughts?

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    any pics??
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    You can certainly bend it back and you may get it close but id put a new shaft on your list of must haves for the future. You wont get it perfect and generally speaking, heat treating it will make it more brittle... which isnt a good thing. It all really depends on how badly its bent. If you get it really close it may be fine... if its really bad you may end up weakening it while your bending it back and end up with more problems. But give it a shot and take some pics.

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    If you have a torch get it hot and that will make it easier to bend back and you reduce the likeliness of breaking it

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    IMO once a metal shaft is bent it will never be the same. You may get it close or better than it is currently but I have set to see any shaft bent and returned to 100% straight again. IMO it is time to replace the shaft.
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    Traxxas CVDs are on my wishlist for my 5700kv powered merv, generally speaking how well do these hold up to abuse?
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    I bent mine back, but it wasnt perfect. A single replacement shaft isnt very expensive. 6$ IIRC, so I bought a few spares I will probably never need. Ill soon be replacing them with something else.

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    Thanks guys. Forgot that heat treating = brittle, so not doing that. I think I gotta bite the bullet and buy a replacement set so I have spares. At least for now I have the stock parts so I can still drive.

    @TheVXL, I'll try uploading one tonight, but for a general idea of how it looks, look @ the end of this sentence. )

    @Chris95GT, the Traxxas CVDs are nice units for sure, and the only reason I bent one is due to driving like an idiot and smoking a staircase @ full throttle... oops!

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