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    Which upgrades first??

    Well guys, I finally broke down and ordered me a Slayer..... Soooooo, what upgrades should I do first??
    I do mostly backyard short course race style driving, on grass thats slowly wearing down to dirt. Here's a pic of the track...

    So, knowing what you know, what upgrades should I start with???
    2 TMaxx 3.3/TMaxx 2.5R/Slayer Pro 3.3

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    love the track.. ok so a lil back ground on my slayer pro. started life as a revo that needed a lil TLC. so i got all the parts i needed to make it a slayer. went with 1/8 17mm buggy wheels, center diff with rear brake, sway bars and rear spool right out the gate. dont do the rear spool. no control coming out of turns. i really didnt have anything to compare it to untill this past weekend when i got my son a bone stock slayer pro and used it on the street. so now to your ? about upgrades. start with sway bars. there a must. try out the stock wheels to see how the work on that track. in not thats your next upgrade. last i would say center diff and rear brake set up. im going to try diff oil change to see what that does for me and ive heard that also helps. and as we all know u can gear up or down to your liking..

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    Track is awesome!! I just put my sway bars on and it made a huge difference! And for your track id gear down try the stock gearing first and then throw on a 40t spur gear and see how you like it! Make sure you plan with your camber, caster, and toe and that will make a big coffin handling and personal setup. Enjoy your slayer!

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