Since it was rather cool and windy out today I was playing around with some different chassisís and parts from the Tmaxx. I think this may be a decent little combination.
Itís basically just a Mutant Maxx type build using an Ofna LX-One chassis with a Tmaxx front and rear bolted to it. Wheelbase is almost 14 inches long.

I just need to get a couple of center shafts the correct length or make a few adjustments to use what I have and make a couple custom braces from the bulkhead tabs to the chassis or center diff.
I will use the old narrow arms and stock bulks for now to test, and if it handles well enough, I will spruce it up with the wider track arms and some other goodies.
It should be pretty light weight and have a low COG even with a BB.
Geared correctly I should be able to use either MT or truggy tires/wheels or1/8th buggy tires/wheels to change the characteristics of the handling. It should fly pretty well too