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    can i upgrade to a xl5 from a xl2.5 in my e revo?

    ive got the 1/16 revo and its got the titan 550 12 turn motor and the xl2.5 and when i hook up ywo batts it heats up too fast. The last time i ran it i melted my 2.5. If i get the xl5,and the esc fan will it take the heat, and will it fit in my 1/16?

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    This is the 1/10 erevo section, not the 1/16 erevo section.

    You can probably cram the xl5 in though, with a little imagine, but bare in mind you can still only use a maximum of 2s lipo, or 6-9 nimh cells ( depends what the chassis is designed to fit in terms of battery sizes and layout ).
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