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Thread: servo size

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    servo size

    does this fit direct
    CYS 164g/30KG/Digital Metal Gear High Torque Servo 6V-7.2V S8203A
    iv used the search and trying to figure metric to standard convert. help please i want the ******* hv767 or hv787 out of stock for weeeeeeeeeks
    looking for a servo high ntorque w/out external bec around $75 anyone...ehh?
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    The mounting holes look to be a strange distance apart... im sure the rest of it would work fine but youd need 2 of them.

    Im running a Futaba S9157 425oz servo... it does not require an external BEC and I paid $80 for it on another forum. This one was brand new but it came from a guy who paid $140 for it and just needed to get rid of it. There are lots of $40 servos out there that should work in a pair and not need a BEC... if you want to go with a single servo your going to need at least a 250oz servo... which im sure you can find for less than $80. Just try to find one that get at least 250oz at 6 volts... that way you know it wont need more power than the EVX2 can supply to get the max torque. Dont get any "high voltage" servos... those wont work and if you look for one with a Futaba output spline (the part the servo saver mounts on) you know your stock servo horns will fit perfectly.

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