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    Slayer price question

    Hey guys im looking to get back into the hobby after about a year off....I'm trying to pick up a rustler VXL or E-Revo and im going to liquidate what i have to make the money to buy my new question is how much do you all think that i could get for a used slayer with a little more than a gallon run through the has the progressive 3 rockers, sway bar kit, ez start works good, aluminum axle carriers up obviously has it fair share of scratches as its been used. Should i sell the motor and rolling chassis seperate? Thanks Mike

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    If there aren't any issues with the slayer it would be worth more rtr than any other situation

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    i just picked up a used 3.3 pro with 2.4 radio for 150. and the thing looks brand new. it just depends on how much someone is willing to pay for it. i have seen that the slayer goes for alot less than revo or tmaxx and i think it has a lot to do with slash and it not really being a masher truck..

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    That's a sad thing too. Out of the 6 I have, the Slayer Pro is my #2 fav. Revo is #1 of course but the Pro is a lot of fun. It's not the best basher but it's so much fun on the track and the realism is great. I thought the Pro would have done better than it has.
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