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    feeler for brushless ken block

    Apologies in advance if this post is not in the right place, I'm also going to cross post in the rally section as the models are similar.


    I got a little crazy a few months ago and went on a spending spree and bought the brushless ken block along with two chargers and six batteries. I am now wanting to sell this stuff as I'm not using it and my RC hobby kind of fizzled out.

    I have the brushless ken block gymkhana fiesta in good condition. Really it has hardly been used. I have a micro charge NIMH charger that was around $50 new I think and can charge at up to 4 Amps. I also have a venom pro charger that I paid I believe $130 for.

    I have three NIMH batteries, two 1600 mah and the 1300 mah that came with it.
    I have three LiPo batteries, two @ 2200 mah(2 cell) and one 1300 mah(3 cell).

    I am wondering how to get rid of this stuff. Would it be best to sell it all as a bundle or to split things up and sell individually?

    Where would be the best place to sell? Ebay? or here on the forums

    Best regards,
    Robert from Alabama

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    Breaking it down will recoup the most of your money...
    eBay opens you up to a lot more customers. Not everyone searches the for sale section on this site.
    Besides, unless it is attached to a Traxxas vehicle or is a Traxxas part, you cannot sell it on here.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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