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    best lipo charger

    what is the best lipo charger out there like speed wise for under 100 dollars

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    DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT GET ONE OF THESE !!! Thunder ac680 charger sorry i had too!

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    You are narrowing the field greatly, for another $50.00 you can get alot better charger, & not need to upgrade later..
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    For $100 your very much limited to mostly 50watt 5-6 amp chargers. The thunder AC680 is an 80 watt 6 amp charger and is cheap but IMO you get what you pay for.

    I believe Thunder Power lowered the prices on their TP610C to about $100 or so recently. Thats an 80 watt 10amp charger... so it can charger a typical 2S pack at about 9 amps. A 3S pack drops a lot and can only be charged at 6 amps. For about $120 you can pick up a Dynamite Passport ultra. Its max charge rate is 8 amps but its got a 100watt built in power supply so it can charge 2 or 3S packs at a full 8amps... great charger and has a 5 year warranty.

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    whats a good charger for say a 6s lipo though? will that dynamite charger work just take longer?

    i dont know electric yet but i plan on converting this slayer im about to buy some time down the road.
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    I have went through probably 4 or 5 chargers over the past 5 years. The problem is that I would buy the cheapest one to "get me through". I finally saved up a few extra $$$s, sold all my old chargers and bought one that will last. I picked up a Hyperion 720i Duo 3 charger and got a friend to do some wiring on a couple power supplies I picked up off ebay ($20 each). For a little over $340 I have arguably one of the best charging stations on the market. I can charge a couple 5000mah 5c lipos at 20amps at the same time without breaking a sweat (that's fully charged in under 15 minutes most of the time). Is it I have to buy another charger anytime soon, though...heck no! My $0.02 comes down to not cheaping out on a charger because if you do I bet you end up having to upgrade not far down the line. Save your $$$ and buy something that not only works for you now...but will work for next season and the next after that.
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    You guys make good points and Im sure those chargers work great but I'm not a pro racer nor do I use my charger all too often, maybe once a week to charge a few batterys. I have the Thunder AC680 and think its a good charger for the money. I've had no issues with it and charges and balances them just fine. I do only use 2s lipos though so a 6 amp charge rate works for me.

    I'm sure there are junky ones out there but for $50 shipped I think its worth the gamble.
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