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    servo 2075 upgrade if possible

    the wife has a MODEL 3903 brushed emaxx .we have upgraded parts RPM a-arms.. titanium pin big bore shocks .titanium hinge is having servo issues severe buzzing or whinning..i had one new 2075 from traxxas and replaced one of the bad servo's and rebuilt the gear set on the other ,,the new one is fine but the the rebuilt one and the other stock one need help just sound like it is in a constant spin and wont shut down.the other(rebuilt gears) is acting up as well. there any stronger (metal gear servo's that would bolt up like the 2075?'s i would like to use the same steering horn set up..i bought airtronics before and had no luck with the hook up end of things (servo horns) and had to return not sure if the 2 bad servos that i have are circut board issues or not..i havent taken them apart if you know of any upgrades drop a line..thanks..i have the feeling with the added weight of the upgrade's that too much weight now is on the the 2075 servo's..just a thought.

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    The traxxas servos are standard size ( give or take a few mm ), there are thousands upon thousands of options out there depending on how much you want to spend.

    Sounds though as if you need to adjust the steering mechanism to stop the servos fighting eachother, that is why they are buzzing:

    1) remove servo horns
    2) make sure both servos are centred on the remote ( tx )- check servo trim dial
    3) reattach servo horns, making sure they point straight ahead as much as possible
    4) adjust the long turnbuckle that links the servos together- twist it one wat or the other until both servos stop buzzing ( or near as possible ) loudly.

    All said and done though, the stock servos do suffer form weak plastic gears so an upgrade to a single, high powered servo with metal gears is the ultimate upgrade, and needn't cost a fortune either.

    Be advised though, there are 3 different 'fittings' ( number of splines on the servo shaft ) that different brands of servos use, many brands of servo will not fit with the stock servo horns ( as you discovered ), so you have to check how many splines the servos have if you opt for a dual servo setup with new servos. If you go for a single servo setup ( best option ), then you will ditch the stock horns and use the supplied plastic or metal horn, or an aftermarket version that fits that servo.

    Since this is a very common question, and I'm feeling lazy, here's some reading material for you to go through this evening, should give you all the info you need regards new servo options and horns to suit them: horn options other threads covering servo options ( what works for the erevo and summit works for the emaxx just fine ). recent discussion on servo options info on required spec & massive list of options
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