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    Need info on lipos

    I just got a bandit vxl off craigslist and is my first brushless and want to go lipo power now. But Im not sure which one is the best. I have two off ebay that im thinking about:1)11.1v 25c 5000mah for $60w/traxxas connector 2)11.v 20c 5400mah with universal connectors for $60 also. I know the 11.1v are better for speed and the higher mah more run time. JUst wondering if anyone knows about what the best deal is on a lipo battery.


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    Need to know the brand of batt's. If it is a no name Ebay batt, pass on them. Do you have a charger that can charge lipo's?
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    I would like to remind every one this forum is for the discussion of TRAXXAS lipos. Discussion or recommendations of other brands do not belong in this forum.
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