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    Newbie seeking help!!

    I have a couple of questions and would be appreciated if i could get some help.

    I have just bought an old e-maxx of ebay but I do not know what model it is and I have asked the original owner and he doesn’t know he only knows that it was the one where they just started fitting the Novak speed control. I need to know as I need to order a few parts and wanted to know if it was the extended chassis or not.

    He also says that he has upgraded the motors to 550 size, the car came without a charger, I will be upgrading the car to brushless within time and I am thinking of buying the Hobbywing Xerun 4274 2000kv, 150a combo. Would I be able to buy lipo batteries and a charger and use them on the car until I buy the xerun? If not what charger is best to buy (cheap one) till I get the new motor combo?

    Also I know I am going to run the car rough and was wondering what upgrades I should make to the frame first? Alloy shock towers? Alloy a-arms? Or what??

    Please help a very enthusiastic future e-maxx user. Cheers to all!!

    not sure if this link will work but this is the car i have bought.
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