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    Should i charge the battery right when i get it before running?

    I got my 1/16 erevo today! I was wondering does the battery need to be charged before i run it or does it come charge? how long does it take to charge with the supplied charger? and do i have to worry about it exploding?

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    What does the manual say? My NiMH's for my E-Maxx had to be charged. One was completely dead and the other took about half a charge.

    Search on this battery forum for the proper process to charge and cycle your batteries. Check out posts form Army of Death (AoD). He has a lot of knowledge about RC trucks

    Here is a website I've found useful:

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    I've bought four trucks in the last three months, and not one battery (out of 7) had more than a "puff" of a charge. Might as well just throw that puppy on the charger.
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