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    Traxxas 5 series question

    1)Mainly Im looking at the 8 cell 5000mah battery that has 9.6v. I found a few for $55 online. Will the 9.6v increase speed over the 8.4v NiMH stock battery? Or Is the 11.1 5000mah Lipo worth it i found one for $65 online let me know. Its basically me needing a new charger which is about 42 at my hobby shop.
    2)What will the speed differences be between the 8.4v now to the 9.6v and the 8.4v to the 11.1v?

    also does anyone have any of these for sale?

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    you could see about a 5-8mph jump from the nimh cells.
    now comparing the nimh to the 3s lipo is a big difference i any car it goes in you could see above 15mph in difference.
    the lipo can be found at spc for under that 65 for sure and you can go with the 2s 5000mah lipo from them and get 2 for that price which is not bad at all. can provide link over pm if needed just send over a pm if needed. with the 2s lipo you will see the speed increase also over the 8.4 nimh and just about as fast as the 9.6v nimh and you can have 2 batteries 2s for the same price. hope it helps you out
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    i have 2 8 cell nimh's from dtx.
    yes they will be faster than a 7 cell.
    and i have 2s and 3s packs from sky lipo and spc..
    if you dont want to go lipo 8 cell is the next best opinion!!!!!!!

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