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Thread: Esc question?

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    Question Esc question?

    What should i do? The part you screw the esc on the chassis because of all the stress i put on it . How do i put it back on so it will stick? Remembern I put a lot of pressure on that point

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    A new esc mount, or some double sided tape, or velcro

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    Agree with Rustler User. If your ESC is stressed, or the screw holes dont match your ESC, Get a new ESC. There are acutally two different sizes(not including the stampede one that holds the waterproof box like in my pic) But the two for the rustler.

    But use either Servo tape. Which is RC doublesided tape, which is EXTREMLY strong.
    Or..more pratcial choice. Industrial strength VELCRO cuz then u can add and remove it very easily, instead of having to replace the tape like I do (which is very easy and cheap)

    What I do is I run both, I use the screws on the mount, AND doublesided tape. So u can do screws, AND Velcro. I used these washers in the pic to help keep it in place. My ESC is going nowhere! lol.

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