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    Sand and water in my traxxas stick pack

    Hi I just went to bash my Summit , after that I found out that water and sand went into my stick pack. And now I had a hard time drying the water in side .

    Anyone have any good idea , what can I do to take out the batteries. So that I can charge them again.
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    ive had water in mine before i tend to put it on top of the fishtank when the lights are on any warn place should work as the water condenses it beeds on the top and you can shake it out keep doing it until you see no more condensation in it im not saying it will work for you but it works great for me
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    Hi Ket,

    The cells are sealed seperatly. Sand doesn't matter at all. Water and electrics don't go well together.
    But water cannot come into the cell itself. Water in your pack doesn't matter. It vaporates eventually. Except when you use them everyday ofcourse

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    i made a small hole in the clear plastic wrap near the lower part of the pack to help dry it out if moisture gets in....

    use a small hot nail - dont use a drill! and careful not to touch the cells. use tape to seal the hole once its dried.

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