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Thread: disapointed

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlowThunder View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by 3_rolls View Post
    Where are you guys getting the 7 new models number from? We never said that, and the only place I can think of it coming from is the thread started by the guy who clearly had no idea what he was talking about? With every new release, you will never please 100% of your customers. It is just not possible.
    remember that thread that user started about 7 models coming soon? that's where that comes from.

    i wish i could afford a XO-1 i think ti will be awesome to have a 1/7 scale flying thru a smooth parking lot and show off it's top speed. the black one looks awesome.
    Yes, I remember that thread. That is why I said what I said in my earlier post. I made it bold here. If you scroll up, I also reiterated this statement in a second post of mine. I can copy and paste that one as well if needed. The "7 new models" thread did not come from Traxxas, so therefore it was not official information. You can't believe everything you've read on the internet.
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    the 6/7 new models was started because of the 1/16th chassis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toddzda View Post
    I like the new car. Can't afford that and 100 is just too fast for me! Only bummer part i see is, Not waterproof. The radio looks awesome!
    What's with that waterproofing mania ??? You guys ahould buy yourselves RC boats if you wanna go through 3 feet of water !!!

    More seriously, water-resistant has a lot of advantages, all ESCs should come "water-resistant" but for a high performance on-road car ?? I don't see why not being water-resistant would be a problem.

    I can't think of someone driving a 65 - 103 mph on-road car through puddles...

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