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Thread: Will the.....?

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    Will the.....?

    Will the new tqi radio work with any other escs than the new mmm for the xo1? it would be cool to have it in my 2wd slash and be able to control diffent things from the transmitter with the ipod/phone. I would definetally buy it if it works with the vxl esc.
    Thanks guys

    ps. will the new axles work in any other traxxas truck? those new ones are really SWEET!
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    I read it is backwards compatible with the 2218 and 2218x receivers. Unsure of the extent. Read about it on the XO-1 page.
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    It will work with the 2218and 2218x, will have all the features besides the telemetry, you will need the new receiver and sensors for that

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    Quote Originally Posted by tech10 View Post
    The axles will work but you would have to swith to 17 mm axles.
    The spec sheet says they use "over sized 6mm stub axles" so I would say you would have to change out more than just the axle to make them work in a 2wd Slash.
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    You can count on versions of the XO-1's axles to be offered for other Traxxas vehicles.

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