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Thread: tqi i want one

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    tqi i want one

    have an iphone and i want a tqi i think they are sick
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    I want the features the tqi has but if it drives like the other tq link radios I don't want it. I really liked the idea of the link system so I bought one for my SC and took it to the track. I had been using a futaba 3pm 2.4, nothing really high end just a decent radio. After 4 battery packs w/ the link I took it out. It just doesn't have good response time and the wheel travel is too little. Not to mention how difficult it is to set endpoints, etc.

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    I don't race so I don't utilize the LINK system to the full extent, but I haven't had any issues. But seeing that it utilizes a mini-computer (in a sense) is pretty cool and the adjustability of the system seems to be much easier than going through the menus of pressing buttons and waiting for a blinking light. Just wait for other radio manufactures to follow suit.
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