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    Where are all those $50 Ipod touches?

    I see everyone saying, 'you can get an ipod touch for $50' to use w/ the tqi. Well I just checked and the cheapest (workable) ipod touches I could find were over $100. What's the $50 option for telemetry, please provide an actual link of sorts?

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    Use e-bay or similar, then you search for a used ipod.
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    Read the entire thread that's just been closed, it's a one time unlock, you don't have to own one, just borrow one for the unlock process. After that you won't need it again unless you want the live time read outs.

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    Can't really provide links as that would violate rule #11. They may not be plentiful at $50 but it can be found I know my son bought one recently for that price from a friend. They may be much more common at $100 I really dont know. Either way we need to remember this is a Traxxas forum not an Apple forum. Clearly this is going to be a Grey area for a while since it is new territory but I dont think Traxxas wants this forum to become all about where to buy Apple products.
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