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    chassis stuck onto the ground

    I have a question about the XO 1.
    The Traxxas team uses the downwards forces to stabilize the vehicle during high speed.
    will there be somehow too much down forces that the chassis is sliding on the floor?
    Is there a mechanical limiter somewhere to prevent this from happening?
    I'm interested in the XO 1 but this problem have been bugging me....
    some where in F1 histroy that an F1 chassis hit the ground and cause the vehicle to slide straight into a wall killing the driver....
    I hope to get this clear before investing into a skill 10 Traxxas.

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    Hopefully a Traxxas employee who has hands on experience with the car will chime in. For now I have seen in the documentation on the car that the ride height is adjustable so I would imagine you can adjust the car so it sits high enough not to scrape the chassis on the ground when the aerodynamics start pushing it down.
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    As you might expect it's designed with down force but that does not mean the chassis will drag, the incident you are referring to with F1 was a design/engineering issue but they won't release a car to production that drags the chassis across the ground simply by driving fast.

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    I pulled this from the net....

    At speed, XO-1’s advanced aerodynamics press it to the track with downforce generated by the front splitter, channeled chassis extensions, functional diffuser, and aggressive rear wing. Only Traxxas has incorporated the proven air-management systems of road racing cars into an ultra-high performance radio control model. With such incredible speed and power comes a responsibility for precision control, and the XO-1 delivers with the TQi and Docking Base, a breakthrough innovation that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a powerful tuning tool. The full-color display combines with the Traxxas Link™ App to deliver an intuitive, high-definition, graphical user interface that makes it simple to optimize your radio system for ultimate vehicle control.

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    I know the whole car produces a ton of downforce at high speeds but iam pretty sure that the susspension is adjustable just like the E-Revos or Summits suspension
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    From what I gather from the RCCA video this car handling is set up like an F1's Simply put you have to go fast to gain down force to have optimal grip. From that video review it seems to gain traction over 50 mph. So one would assume it is set up out of the box the for those down forces (and the drop is ride height) and for its intended speed range.

    Same as F1's cars gearing, suspension, and downforces are setup differently for different tracks. Say curve a F1 car is setup to go arround curve "A" at a given speed of 120-130mph. If it goes to fast the of course the car will fly off the track, but if it goes too slow there won't be enough grip due to lack of downforce and will again fly off the track.
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