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    my e slayer build

    well after getting a summit the slayer just sat. so i wanted to make into a e slayer. im kinda burned out of the nitro! i alwas had nitro cars and trucks. i wanna do something new!! i still need a motor ans esc but its a start! Only have one question. does anyone now a good gearing set up???

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    Quite a few have done the Slayer _-> E-Slayer conversion along with some doing the Revo --> E-Revo conversion. Check out or ask in the E-Revo forum as you would get a lot better response there.
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    I always ran low gearing w/ high kv motors on 2s for racing. It sort of depends on what you are doing with it. But a 40t spur gives you a lot of options then get your pinion based on what motor/battery combo you run. Just note that lighter is better w/ this high CG truck.

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