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    FS Revo 3.3 5309 - Nicely Modified, Very Well Maintained, Lots of Extras

    Traxxas Revo 3.3 model 5309

    This truck/chassis has 6-7 gallons of fuel through it. Most of it’s use came from a packed clay track in dry conditions only. The only water this truck has seen was when it was cleaned. It was cleaned after every race day and very meticulously cared for. I have worked very hard to keep this truck maintained and running correctly. The CG of the truck along with the weight allow it to keep up with most 1/8th scale buggy racers while still allowing it to climb curbs and handle most any terrain I chose to tackle. The steering system is extremely quick and powerful. Coupled with the center differential, this truck handles like a vehicle half it’s size/weight. I have been asked by many people to set up their Revos like this truck. Starting was never an issue with the pull start as the truck was always kept tuned. After run oil was always used with both the 1st and 2nd engine. Both of the motors were broken in to Traxxas spec.’s. The second motor is very healthy and should have many gallons of fun left in it. I have spent a lot of time and money keeping this truck up to this standard. I would like to sell it as Iwas forced to move because of a new job and there is no hobby shop/track in my new location. There is absolutely nothing that you will find disappointing about this truck. I will not accept any low-ball offers so please refrain from sending those. Thanks for looking and here is a list of the included items in the sale:

    • New 3.3 motor with about 1 gallon of 33% Traxxas Top Fuel through it after break-in
    o Motor Savers Air Filter
    o Traxxas Pull-Start
    • Traxxas TQ 2.4 GHz Tx/Rx
    • 2 Bodies, 1 nearly brand new, 1 with normal wear and tear
    • Traxxas Tubes Aluminum Suspension Connecting Rods ($40)
    • Traxxas 3.8” Dish wheels with Traxxas Sporttrax tires specifically designed for Revo ($80)
    o Also includes stock revo wheels/tires which are nearly new
    • Savox SC1258SG high torque steering servo ($110)
    • Tekno Swaybars front and rear ($40)
    • Upgraded receiver box/throttle servo mount (35)
    • LiPo receiver pack with voltage regulator
    • M2C aluminum 3-shoe slutch kit ($60)
    • Center Differential kit/rear brake ($60)
    • Traxxas high performance front brake kit ($30)
    • Traxxas 2075 high torque servo installed for throttle
    • Traxxas Wheelie Bar ($20)

    Spare Parts:
    Transmission internals to switch back to reversing transmission
    Stock Clutch
    Main Engine Bearing
    Spare Air Filter (Brand New)
    Full EZ Start system ready to be re-installed
    Traxxas RX Power Pack receiver pack
    Bag of spare servo arms
    Spare Traxxas 2075 High Torque Servo
    Spare set of standard ratio suspension rockers
    Differential (Brand New)
    Driveshaft (Brand New)
    Old Suspension Connecting Rods (Like-New)
    Spur Gear (Brand New)
    Throttle Linkage Set (Brand New)
    Suspension Pivot Post (Brand New)
    Silicone Shock Oil
    2 Stock Brake Rotors (1 Brand New, 1 Lightly Used)
    Misc. Hardware
    6 Shock Springs (Various Rates, Lightly Used)

    Please see the following PhotoBucket album for a complete archive of pictures:


    I am asking $500 for the whole package. Please PM me or preferably email with any questions/offers.

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