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    Question Quick Question: Whats Cogging?

    Just as the title says! Whats cogging? I was told my car wasnt working because my car is cogging or cogged!

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    isn't working?

    cogging is a slight hesitation on brushless power systems that happens upon initial acceleration from a stop. the batteries, or speed controller aren't able to immediately deliver all the power the motor wants

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    Interesting view point, I thought it was the effect of running a very low throttle pull at stopped speeds.

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    Cogging is also influenced by the wave form which the ESC feeds. It only happens at low speeds.
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    With a sensored system the sensor tells the ESC where the rotor is positioned so the ESC knows which wire to fire current at first at all times. With a sensor-less system such as the VXL the ESC has no idea where the rotor is from idle and so it is in effect blind and does not know which wire to fire voltage on first to smoothly get the rotor turning. This can cause a stutter or cogging. The cogging is magnified with weak batteries or bad connections. Once the ESC gets the rotor spinning they sync up and if all is right the system should run smoothly.
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