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Thread: Wheels for road

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    Wheels for road

    I want to find wheels for good road driving I like to set up cones and race. What tire wheel package?

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    I was thinking about getting some Tamiya tires for my Rally. They were a soft rubber compound with light treads and they felt awesome. I was about to get them and decided at the last second to get mini slash tires and wheels because my pavement driving conditions are kinda rough and I though knobby would be best. I tell you the mini Slash tires make a world of difference in gripping the road. I was told on another thread that the HPI X pattern tires are supposed to be great as well.

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    You're likely going to see more traction-rolling with the Slash tires since their outside sidewalls are much taller and softer than the low-profile touring/road tires.

    I'm running a fresh set of "Austar" 6003 road tires right now. They aren't bad for the price and I'm finding their nice and progressive slidyness to be entertaining, but even the mild D compound HPI X Pats had far more grip.

    Always good to check out the "Rally on aftermarket wheels" thread...
    The prototype project.

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