So it's clear to me that I am a little reckless with my Rally. I get a little trigger happy and end up sliding sideways into misc. obstacles because I don't leave enough room to stop. Wet pavement does not help the situation either. I have a Mini Summit and there is a lot more rubber on the ground to stop it then these little 26mm tires on the Rally. Love my car to pieces but I think I should stay away from series connector for a bit longer. Haha. Now don't think I am just treating my cars like garbage on purpose and that I don't take care of them. I am just not used to a drifter or street car yet.

Anyway the problem I have is sliding sideways into curbs or walls at 20 or 25mph. This has resulted in axle carriers in the rear just breaking left and right. (Pun intended) So in I'm looking for some fellow enthusiasts opinions on what to do. (Besides being a better driver. I'm already working on it.) I know RPM makes axle carriers and Traxxas makes aluminium pivot cups or whatever there called. I have also seen aluminium axle carriers that are third party. So whats the best solution to what is better. Thanks!