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    Bought used Slash 4x4 with vxl-3s

    I bought a used slash from our local hobby shop. It did not come with any manuals or instructions. I have searched the Traxxas web site but I fear it is to old of a model. The only manuals I can find have the motor over the rear axle. Mine has the motor inline with the drive line that goes from the back to the front.

    My problem is that axles going to the wheels keep popping out. It came with very limited spare parts. I have repositioned the shocks to bring the axles in a little but I don't know if this was the correct thing to do.

    Does any one know where I might find a manual or instruction book?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. This is my first RC.

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    Go under Slash 4x4, the 2wd slash is different

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