Last nite I came to the conclusion that this car is capable of going faster than 113mph. It's more then just better batteries and gearing. Let me explain abit.

I was adding some data in my brushless motor excel sheet and noticed something awesome. Well awesome to me anyways. I own a 1717 motor that basically sits in the XO-1. Rotor is a bit different but can't be that much different than the current torque monster. In my spreadsheet I saw that the 1717 motor rotor is only 1mm thicker in diameter and 1mm longer in length than the Plettenberg BigMaxximum motor. This is the actual measurement of the magnet and not with the endbells. So basically there is a cheaper Plettenberg in the Traxxas XO-1!

Small difference between the rotors are that the 1717 4 pole rotor has 4 magnets and the Pletty has 12.

In case anybody is wondering. I have always been able to beat fellow racers with less voltage with my Plettenberg motors. The torque is unbelievable. Another part was me having extra caps on my ESC, which the XO-1 also has.