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    would you call it a Sl2sh or a P2de XL

    I've got a couple slash mt's, I did a wide wheelbase build recently and the outcome is awesome. Bald's 3.2 mod + a set of wheels I've been sitting on come together like magic. For a couple of days I've been stomping the life out of this thing lol. It feels like my old H-Bomb back in action again. It now longer has the straight shot control of a race bred slash but still easy on the wheel cause of its stance. In the air I get lots of attitude control because of the heavy wheel/tired and tons of power. This sucker just screams pede to me lol. Wheelies as far as you can hold it from wobbling and cartwheels as like a gymnast lol
    So my question to the p2de forum and community is do I have a pede xl or a monster slash? My wheelbase is 13" front to rear axles and 11" wide from hub to hub. This would be outside of a race platform and falls in the ratio of monster truck if you look at summit, revo, maxx as an example of mt wheelbase.
    basically, I get no luv from the slash forum, rare that a racer would appreciate this truck, even at my track they think im a wacko to spend $ on this sort of slash project. You guys love mt's like me but are loyal to the short and squirrely machine you love as is. Few of us go big and wide like I always do with my H-Bomb and Ballistic builds. Can I jump in with you guys, call it a p2de xl? Its about the same as my other 2 trucks that were " shorter and not as wide.
    I would love to post pix and go forward with some talk and laughs but first need yours and the mods approval.
    I run a blacked out slash chassis with slash bumpers from RPM and Proline. Knave a CC 2400/pro combo on 3s-4s, protrac, pede toe links all around, thedreadedend's wheelie bar, 2.8 trenchers, raptor body for slash that makes it a monster lol.
    So what do you and the mods think about a p2de xl thread? Stock slash to my slash comparison ....
    Baldy, you got my back? I may need help here lol....

    and my truck

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