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    Awwww Yeah Baby! 1 Month AWAY!

    Man i am sooooo pumped!!! I've got 1 month away until AAU state wrestling qualifying! Totally siked. Thats feb 5! Alright then february 26-29 we go to iowa high school state wrestling, then the week after we have my state wrestling, (if i make it, im 32-7 on the season), then the week after that, i have a 6 day class trip to washington dc, then the day after we get back from dc, me, my dad, my uncle, and then two of my dad's friends are going to wyoming to go snowmobiling!!! whoot whoot! my dad said i'd have to wait till im like 16 but that sorta went out the window since im only 13.! I ride a 2005 Arctic Cat f6 sno-pro with a mbrp can. =SIKED=

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    stay confident in wrestling and let us know how state goes!
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    hey man, thats cool. but dont get to much air in your head. if i do that, something usually goes wrong. I had an awesome 5 day hunting trip with my family that i never see at all and it was canceled because a sad death in the family ruined the plans. He will be missed, even though that doesnt effect you. Just want you to be aware of your surroundings, and not get in to deep of trouble. Be safe! im only 14, so I understand what its like to have that kind of stuff to go to. great stuff man. its wrestling for you, football for me
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    Just use your head man. I was just like you. Wrestling team too. But all I did was jump into around 3' of water in a pool and landed on my tail bone area of my back and that was all it took to ruin my life and have a BAD back. Been in pain just about everyday of my life since. After years and years of pain meds now my brain power is not what it use to be. When you are young and out going you might think you can take chances and even if you get hurt you think you will heal up like nothing ever happend but that is not always the case. So just becareful. But by all means have FUN! Just if your dad says not to do something because you might get hurt, please listen to him. Well enough of that. So what weight group are you in? I was 220 and had to wrestle guys up to 270 back when I wrestled. Talking about having a bad day when going up against a giant. But the audience loved watching us big guys going at it. Man I miss that rush.
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