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    thedreadedends sl2sh proline slash mt with monster mods

    I love my 2wd slash but, not for racing. I race a sl4sh cause in my area, the 2wd class is huge for both stock and mod classes.. so the 4wd mod group is less than 30 on a weekly average. Not to mention, we always get dibs on the outdoor track.. k, anyway, I got a slash in a trade with a kid awhile back, its been through all kinds of looks and parts, bodies, I don't think anything is left of the traded slash lol.
    The set up im running these days is pretty cool, well to me anyway, I know most of you guys love to race and enjoy the sct as is. And I do on occasion too but seems to brake more in that form.
    Slash raptor black chassis, posts, bulkhead
    Jconcepts raptor lid (upgrade)
    CC sct 2400/MMP (upgrade)
    Stock rebuilt diff 50,000wt. (Upgrade)
    32p gears 22/50 (upgrade)
    Sl4sh hd shafts/axles (upgrade)
    Trx 2075 servo
    Sl4sh bellcrank (upgrade)
    proline protrac f/r a arms, towers (upgrade)
    trx big bore shocks 50wt front / 75wt rear (upgrade)
    Integy progressive springs (upgrade)
    Proline skids, bumper (upgrade)
    Proline chassis saver (upgrade)
    Trx red toe links for pede as front cambers (really thick tube design unlike the thin cambers they have) this part will change to a slayer pro p2 red pushrod this week.(mod)
    Rear cambers are trx red slayer pro p2 push rods. (Mod)
    proline 2.8 trenchers trimmed for 3.2 wheels (mod)
    wheels are ofna mt3 chrome splits 100% offset (mod)
    trx blue 17mm hex adaprltors
    RPM slash rear bumper (mod)
    trx wheelie red bar wheels (mod)
    Trx red f/r carriers and front c blocks (upgrade)
    Custom power switch placement (mod)
    Custom MMP esc mount plate (mod)

    Well here's my truck today with a bash body. Crushed the internals of my diff today jumping this island. Notice I don't leave a landing pad..... I clear the whole thing lol sometimes to the street but I try ti land on the down side after the bush at the far end.

    I'll be posting all the mods and set up pick next few days, got a few more parts to add this week as we go. so see ya later

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