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    2s lipo wont charge at first

    After I get done running my slash. It doesn't matter How long I wait, when I go to plug in the battery to my traxxas EZ Peak charger. It won't charge. It just stays on 1A for ever and says it's charging. I have waited for as long as an hour. Usually I will begin to unplug and plug back in to start over. I repeat this process several times then usually it will begin to charge and be done in less than 30 minuets. This is really inconvienant. Voltage on the battery is good. Always around 11 when I check. It just doesn't want to charge at first. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Traxxas 5000 mah lipo

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    I'd say buy a second battery, you'll surely want one.
    If that has the same problem, return the charger, else return the first battery.

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    A 2s lipo shouldn't be 11v...

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    Have had the same issue with my 2S 10,000mAh and 3S 8,400mAh for their first charge.

    For the 2S, I left it long enough (around 3 hours, I know right) without unplugging. It would be charged fully at last.

    For the 3S, I discharged it using Store Mode (done in around 2 hours), then charge it to full again without unplugging (2-3 hours).

    Note: Both of them were done with full attention and a temp gun to constantly monitor the temperature on charger and LiPo pack since I wasn't sure it would be a good idea for the LiPo to stay charged for more than 2 hours.

    Both of them charge normally since then.

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