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    Quote Originally Posted by corey52587 View Post
    Hey jimmie how do u like the center diff?? Do u still get wheelie action??!!
    I still get wheelies from a dead stop. Sometimes from rolling at low speeds, depending on surface traction.
    I have 50k in there now, could go up to 80-100k without issues I think. It would increase the wheelies, but also increase the chance of breaking an axle.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nkracl View Post
    are these the knuckles. is it $24 for 2 or 4? 2. You would need 2 sets for all 4 corners.

    these push rods? Those will work for the MERV, but for a few dollars more you can get stainless or titanium push rods and turn buckles with steel hollow balls instead of plastic.

    3. and which exactly RPM a arms?
    Those? is that for all 4 corners or just 2? What you have linked are for the rear only.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Yes those are the push rods now dont forget the turnbuckles. The knuckes just come in pairs so order two pairs the rpm ars are sold front an rear so make sure u get fron an rear they are sold seperatly

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    I saw it mentioned but i'll say it again, T-bone bumpers!
    STRC Slash 4x4
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    Thank you guys!!!!

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