I got a Slayer Pro a couple weeks ago and want to see what you guys have done to help the handling of your trucks. I have owned several of the traxxas nitro and electric trucks but this is the first one I plan to keep for a while.

I am looking for race setups as well as general bashing setups

What I am thinking about doing is putting on 17mm conversion and 1/8 scale buggy wheels and tires. This will be ran on mostly medium - hard pack clay track. I am not sure what tire and wheel combo will work best for my situation. Also will it help the 2 wheeling. I noticed when I was just running it around the grass field that it wanted to 2 wheel and then it wasn't putting power to the ground. I was concerned that if I went with taller wheels and tires it would be more prone to do this. What's your thoughts.

Also I have thought about putting dual servos up front. Has any one done this? And what parts would I need to get to make this work. What would be the benefits? I just thought it might help turn the larger tires.

Is the center diff worth putting in and basically it just makes it a one speed and removes the tranny isn't that correct? I like the idea of the center diff so that I can put on the back brake and have adjustability in my break bias for getting into corners and stuff on the track.

Does your local track have a slayer class or what class do you run with? I don't see many people having slayers in my area (Southern Indiana)

Last but certainly not least do all the setup tips that is in the article Traxxas-Slayer-Setup-Tuning-Guidework well for the Pro as they did in the older model?

I am sure I will have more questions but this will get me started for now.

Thanks in advance