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Thread: vxl 3s question

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    vxl 3s question

    i have been talking to people at the local races and they said that 3s will burn yp the stock vxl quickly, now is that a "fact" or are they just talking or is just the gearing you use, i know they are 3s capable. i mainly use my slash for racing but wanna bash with it this comming weekend, i usually use 3s on my erevo with CC, just wanna know before it happends.

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    Yes, I am currently running a dynamite speedpack 5300mah 3s. I dont have any mph numbers, but 4wd burnouts at speed is impressive to say the least. Quite a noticeable difference from the stock Ni-MH pack.

    Definitely worth the investment.
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    If you gear your car correctly (leave it with the stock 13t pinion in). You will be fine. Just check temps every 10 minutes or so and you won't have problems. Might wanna get a heat sink for your motor to help keep temps down though

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    I recommend a heatsink with a fan and a hole in the body. 3s on stock setup can be done. I suggest saving up for a more powerful system if you want a more worry free experience.
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