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    Lightbulb maxxtrax lipos???

    hey my fellow rc friends you lot seem like a very clever bunch when it comes to this rc game so it looks like im in the right place for a lil help ,,, iv read most things about all the options for gears n batts.. heres my problem, iv got a new e.revo and on my second day bashin i stripped the 65t gear , i was using maxxtrax 4200 11.1v 3s 30c-60c burst batts .. am i ok still using them batts even tho ive now changed the gear to the spare in the box 54t? im a total noob and am gettin slighty confused wiv all the different stuff... i dont mind spendin more money to get wot i need,, all i wana do is bash on gravel dirt n grass maybe a few jumps n that, am i on the right tracks? wot do i need to buy? and thanks guys:

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    Those will be fine if they are true 30c. Always take care of your batteries and keep them under 130*F. To get them that hot it would take like 30/36 gearing. Your small change should be no problem for the batteries.

    A pinion change is always more dramatic than a spur change. 1 pinion tooth ~ 3 spur teeth.

    However do keep a close eye on your motor. Running the 2200 on 6s heats things up. Then if you add higher gearing, you could overheat things. As always... A fan, a temperature gun, and airflow through the body (cut holes) is recommended for 6s applications.
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