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    Castle creations mmp sct 2400kv need battery help?

    Hey guys i just broke down and ordered the mmp sct combo and stupid me dident even think about if my lipos where sufficient enuf!! Currently been running tha stock system with 14/54 gearing with venom 3s 11.1v 20c so my question is will they work for tha time being without causing any damage to the esc and motor?
    Iam going to upgrade tha batts in a few weeks open to any advice on batt choices and c-ratings i wuld like to stick with 3s coz tha truck is allready going to be overkill!!

    Thanks boomer

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    your motor or esc will be fine, the lipo is the one at risk to get damaged if the amp draw is more that it can supply, 4 pole motor need more amps to run efficiently. I run 30c batts.

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