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    Attaching cooling fan to esc?

    How are we supposed to attach a cooling fan to esc. I have a cooling fan coming from the toyz with screws.

    Superglue? Screws? Silicone?

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    Zip ties would probably work the best.
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    screw it into the esc heatsink. screw will thread between the fins! i have one screw for each of my fans on my esc's. its no drama at all!

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    What size fan do you use on the 1/16 esc? I have a 20mm x 20 mm x 8 mm fan, it's pretty small, and doesn't cover all the heatsink fins. Do you think that'll make much difference to the temperatures?

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    Using a fan to keep an overworked ESC from overheating will lead to ESC failure. Fans only cool the outside of the ESC... internal temps are still above safe limits. The proper way to solve heat issues is to gear down to go slower. If that means the RC is going too slow for you it is time for an ESC upgrade.

    Fans and sinks are great to use on equipment that is already within safe operating temperatures though.
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    I bought a 1/10 cooling fan on accident lol. Now I am buying the one from the toys. I saw A video and someone used very small string to hold it on. seems fine. Also gear down a bit.

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