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    reciever help please

    hello i have a revo that im trying to bind to my top qualfier radio the radio only has set button and menu button,,the reciever on the revo is a 2216 it has no buttons to set or to link will this work with my radio or not this radio came with my new jato so i want to use it for both can i do this????please forgive me iam new to all of this

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    Is your radio a TQ 27mhz or the TQ 2.4ghz Traxxas Link unit? You have to have the receiver made for the 2.4ghz link unit in each truck for it to work.

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    the receiver is an am (uses crystals) not the 2.4
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    You will need a Traxxas 2.4 tx and rx. The older 2.4 tx is good with the 2217 rx only. The newer 2.4 LINK tx is good with the 2218 LINK rx only. The 2216 rx you have requires an AM tx.
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