Time to rebuild or freshen up the diffs. I see oil stains on outside of bulkheads and inside of driveshafts. Plus broke my a arm and front bulkdhead rite by steeringing post where back mounting holes are. So its time to upgrade to those cvds. Any how few quick questions.(yes there 7030x bulkheads)
1) is there suppose to be alot of oil on outside of bulkheads and inside on ring pinion or did that come from inside diff?

2) With my bulkheads removed from chassis and bolted together there was no slope of ring and pinion, but on the rear diff i could move the output shafts 1mm left and right, while the ring n pinion remained stationary inside bulkhead. Meaning slope was inside diff and i should put shims in there??

3)Should i try to seal off diff inside bulkheads with some sealant around where chassis meats the bulkheads, cuz i noticed my rear diff had alot more debris inside of it???