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    mmp 2400 questions ?

    hey guys new slash owner here, already updating motor , stock brusless is crap ,well the esc is anyway already broke 3 days in .

    anyway i ordered a mmp 2400 sct kit .

    1- it says 3-4 cell only, so does that mean it wont run with 2cell ?

    2- whats a good pinion for a short track with 54 spur ?

    3- do i have to beef up the drive train at all ?

    thanks guys

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    1. It will run with 2s, but it need 3s to wake him up.
    2. I don't race but anything from 15-22t probably will have to change the spur for larger pinions.
    3. depends, my friend has it all stock and never had broken anything, he drives like a maniac.

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