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    Can't find a Dewalt motor....

    I'm going for the Dewalt 14.4v conversion! But I can't find a online store or ebay seller that will send to Norway! Most of them has it as out of stock, the others only ship within the USA.

    Where do the international buyers get their 14.4v Dewalt?

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    I got mine from ebay from the mendingshed.sent to Canada,if there is a dewalt service center in the area check there as well. may be worth a look if you haven't already
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    thats where I got mine as well... great seller. Cheapest place I could find them by about $5 shipped.

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    Try finding a used 14.4 drill. I've seen them at pawn shops for as little as $40

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    be careful buying a used drill, you want new style motor not the old style. But this could be a cheap option. I bought my drill from flee bay, didn't come with batteries but did come with charger and carry case. I sold the charger and case for more than i paid for everything. I can't remember the model but was from the XRP series.
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