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Thread: mamba max pro

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    mamba max pro

    has/does anyone ever use/used the mamba max pro? I have a dumb ? says it can use up to 6s lipo, now a 3 s lipo is rated at 11.1 volts ( I know they charge up higher to start with), so 6 s is 22.2 volts, but then they say only 6-12 cells NimH you would think you could use at least 14 cells, my 7 cells charge up to 10.71 volts so two of them would only give you ~ 20 volts??? so why couldn't you go up to 14 cells NimH? has anyonr possed this question before?
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    i have use the mmp 2400 in summit and it worked great not as much torque for crawling and that was on 4s lipo cannot anwser the nimh part of the question

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    As far as I know Castle rates the MMP at a voltage and doesnt mention NiMH cell count. The question is of you want anything else than Lipo for motors in the rather high power range that the MMP can handle.

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    I took a look at their web site, and look for the specs. and they say " 6s Lypos max input voltage 25.2v". I have a Tekin RX8 and they say 6s and i drive it often with 2 x 7 nimh cells and it's okay. now the question is if it's for all kind of Kv motors since tekin they recommend low Kv motors on 6s and high Kv motors on 4s maybe because of temperature i use a 2050 Kv motor and without any issues.
    Hope this helps.

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