Anyone else done it?

So a friend of mine bought a gen 1 slayer a few months ago. Runs great fun little truck but didnt handle well on a track so it was 1/8 buggy wheel and tire time! Worked great, blew a clutch spring, changed it, worked great again. He got a new rustler recently runs awesome. Anyway the 3.3 on the slayer threw off the E clip on the crank while it was running the other day, so the front bearing fell out then the bell rubbed on the spur gear and did a number on everything but the parts are still good. So we did what anyone would do. Pulled the motor off the rustler, changed the bells, and slapped the 2.5 on this slayer. Runs amazing, it's a perfect combo plenty of speed and control on the street. Haven't taken it to the track just yet because of rain. really worth doing if you have ever considered doing it go for it. Soon atleast one of my slayer pros will have a 2.5r on it

Also put some holeshots on the stock rims in holes to make it handle a little better the the buggy wheels but will see what happens

Questions /comments welcome
Thanks for reading