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Thread: Odd ESC Issue

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    Unhappy Odd ESC Issue

    So I replaced my servo in my 4x4 and drove it for about 10 seconds on my 3s and then it stopped. From then on it wouldn't power on, not even a light. I checked the connections with my multimeter and its getting power to the ESC.

    Here's the weird part, when I connect the standard nimh batt that comes with it, the ESC will blink: green, red, red then power off. So it won't even blink with a 3s, but will with the 8.4v.

    If I unplug the motor it stays green and won't power down. I've also tried cleaning the button off too but it clicks fine. Also removed the servo but didn't do anything.

    Have you guys had any problems like this before? Its only had a few packs run through it in a year, hardly any wear.

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    Is it a Traxxas server? Might be drawing too much power from the bec.
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