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    Best options for body mounts?

    OK, I've bent two rear body mounts in two days (I spend a lot of time on my lid). To be clear, it's not the posts but the mount itself. What's the best option for replacements? Doing a little bit of research, it seems like there isn't an incredibly durable option. Is it worth it to go to the RPM or Golden Horizons aluminum for durability? I know the aluminum would weaken everything under it. Are the RPMs much more durable? Or is it best to just keep plunking down $4 at a time?

    I know as I gain better driving skills, they'll hold up for longer but really don't want to have to stock up on stock body mounts if I can help it.



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    Get a set of RPM Lifetime Warranty

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    trust the rpm mounts will bend to. they bent on me so did the stock ones. one thing i did that some guys may frown apon this but i heated up the plastic and bent it back and let it cool
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    the only plus with the rpm ones is the lifetime warranty. im going to aluminum next time.
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