Got my XO-1 coming...but am really concerned an the alarming number of blow-overs I see....or the second it goes sideways, it lifts and blows over. I have a 1/8 scale buggy with a Castle 1518 motor that goes 70mph (verified by garmin gps) all day long just bashing on 6s. It does not have stability issues and is rock solid at full speed....and it is not even lowered. It is bone stock! Has never blow over or even come close to doing so.

So that got me thinking....what is the big differnce between an XO-1 chassis and a typical 1/8 buggy ...well not all that much....both use a flat aluminum chassis....

So the difference is one of two things.......or both. The full body compared to a buggy body. And all that fancy plastic ground effects on the X0-1 (that actually provide double the surface area for wind to pick it up once the front end lifts just a bit.)

Has anyone tried taking off all that plastic ground effects stuff surrounding the chassis and use a body from a buggy or something narrow? XTM used to make a buggy body in 1/7th scale.

Unfortunately removing the X0-1 body and cool ground effects kind of kills the spirit of the design. The car is so cool looking is almost a sin to remove all that stuff.

But I suspect the first guy who removes the ground effects and goes with a narrow buggy body will be rewarded with stability and break 100mph pretty easy. I base this of my experience owing a full bodied 1/8 scale car that would blow over at only 50mph if I nailed the throttle or if it got sideways. My buggy is simply rock solid all day long at 70mph.... full bodied...not so much!

I am not a hater of the XO-1, It is completely cool.....just concerned because watching posted videos of it brought back bad memories of my full bodied 1/8 car skidding down the road on its roof!!!!! Terrible sound! haha.

I hope someone gives it a try with a narrow body and without the ground effects stuff just for giggles.