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Thread: Linking problem

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    Linking problem

    hey guys I am new here but not to the RC world. I just bought a new receiver for my slash as the antenna was damanged on the old one. I have been trying to link for 2 days now and no luck. I have read the steps and do it exactly. The controller blinks red and the receiver blinks green. I have brand new batteries in the controller and a fully charged pack....Any suggestions?

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    Just in case try it as it says here:
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    You bought the old style rx and have a new style tx. Just did the same thing. You need the traxxas link 2.4 5 ch. is the one you have 4 ch.

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    I know this thread is a lil old but i thought that I'd add that I have recently bought a 2.4GHz receiver (TRA 2217) and I have the TRA 2238 Transmitter. They will not bind because the receiver is the older model and the transmitter is newer. I have to exchange the TRA 2217(old model) receiver for the TRA 2218 (new model) receiver in order for the Transmitter and Receiver to bind. I already had the TRA 2238 Transmitter and it came with the TRA 2218 receiver and I wanted to buy another receiver but didnt pay attention to what model receiver I already had and went ahead and bought another Traxxas 2.4GHz receiver not knowing that Traxxas had newer technology receivers. I inadvertently bought the wrong one. I'm new to the 2.4GHz technology but not so much with the hobby.
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