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    2S LiPo charging question

    I seem to have lost my old post but...

    I am fairly new to electric cars and I have owned a nitro stadium truck a few years ago. I currently have a Slash 4x4 and I am using a 2S 5000mAh 25C battery. I am curious what all this 1C/2C talk about charging is. I have looked online and cannot find anything related to charging amps and 1C/2C. I have my charger set up to charge at 5.0A and on balance. From what I read is that charging a 5000mAh battery at 1C is 5A, and charging a 3500mAh battery at 1C would be 3.5A (i'm not sure if I am correct).

    My question is; is that a safe charging rate, and if not what is safe. Also, could someone explain what the 1C/2C thing is all about?

    Thanks for helping out a new to electric r/c'er!

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